CPMCC NEWS ‘n VIEWS – 23rd June 2019

CPMCC NEWS ‘n VIEWS – 23rd June 2019

Hello Members

This is just a reminder that entries are open for the next round of the 2019 Club Championship on July 7 at Nepean.

Once again this is a pre-entry only event through Ridernet. Entries will close Wednesday 3 July. Remember if you enter and are unable to attend for any reason we will provide a full refund. This means that at worst you could be out of pocket for a few days while refunds are processed.

Here is the link to enter:

Numbers and Lap Scoring

For this round we are going to implement some minor strategies to aid our hard working lap scorers.

Did you know that there were three #14s in the Pro 450 class at our last round of the CPMCC 2019 Club Championship?

A nightmare for our lap scorers as you might imagine!

Apart from multiple same numbers our lap scorers really have a problem scoring riders not wearing BACK NUMBERS!

Your BACK NUMBER is really your only RACE NUMBER that pretty much never gets obscured … so makes sense to have it visible to get scored!

If you don’t want to muck up your brand new jersey with “NO BACK NUMBER” or if your number is not unique for the class you’ve entered, we can sort it for you at Sign on.

We will supply a “pin on” cloth back number with your race number written in marker pen for you to use on your jersey. NOT PRETTY … BUT EFFECTIVE!

Of course, if you’re riding the Non-Competitive class, you don’t need a BACK NUMBER …. but would be cool to have now for when you want to GO RACING!

Many riders tell us that they don’t care about being scored and that their number isn’t important. However when the occasional mistake is made in scoring we seem to hear about it very quickly. Also this year we are running an overall Club Championship in addition to the Class Championships. This rewards riders for consistency and support of our events so even though you may not end up on the podium your efforts throughout the year could make all the difference in the Big One!


Lately there has been a lot of discussion about noise levels of some bikes. We have been asked by Nepean Motorsports Club to be more vigilant on testing noise levels. So from this round on we will be doing some random testing throughout the day. Rest assured there will be no one sent home for excessive noise at this round. We will however talk to the rider and let them know that their bike has been identified as being too loud and will need to be quieter for the next event.

If you are unsure of noise testing and noise levels required you can find all the information you need in Appendix 2 of the 2019 Manual of Motorsport. Click the link.


Starting Procedure

As many of you experienced at our last round we have commenced using lights as a starting method for our races. At that first event we were fairly relaxed about bikes that may have had a dragging clutch and perhaps left the line a little early. Well you’ve all had a go to get used to the procedure now so from this next round on we will be implementing penalties for anyone deemed to have “jumped”. You have been warned!

Your Feedback

All of the changes we make are intended to either make the day run smoother or to provide a better experience for our members. If you have any suggestions for improvements we would love to hear them. And if you feel anything we have done has had the opposite effect we would love to hear your thoughts and/or criticisms too.

That’s it for now. I’ll update you again a bit closer to our next round.

Shaun Gallaway
CPMCC Club Secretary
0425 254 409