The City of Penrith Motor Cycle Club’s goal is to promote and enhance motorcycle sports and a positive Club image to the broader community.

Our home track is the Nepean Raceway at Castlereagh (between Penrith and Richmond in NSW) and our Senior and Junior members are involved in Dirt Track, Sidecars and Speedway disciplines.

The Club encourages the highest standards of sportsmanship and offers members access to coaching clinics to help develop their skills and knowledge which makes for safer, more competitive riding.

The City of Penrith Motor Cycle Club (CPMCC) is a founding member of the Nepean Motor Sports Club – a consortium of Sydney based motorcycle clubs (Penrith, St George, Bankstown Wiley Park, North’s, Manly Warringah and Willoughby) that collectively service hundreds of members. The Nepean Motor Sports Club owns and manages the Nepean Raceway which is operated entirely on a volunteer basis.

The CPMCC’s history is colourful and predates the establishment of the Nepean Raceway which opened in 1959. Over the years the Club and its members have tried their hand at everything from dirt track and motor cross to road racing – you can learn more about the Club’s background under the history section of our website.

Today, the CPMCC is a committed promoter of Dirt Track in the Nepean and Hawkesbury regions and further afield, boasting a wide membership with riders coming from across the State to compete at race days and participate in coaching clinics.

With a clear focus on growing the sport and developing the reputation of the Club and its riders, the CPMCC committee welcomes new members and encourages current members to strive to be the best sportsmen and women they can be.


Warning to the Public
Motor racing is dangerous and spectators attending race meetings at the CPMCC’s home track, the Nepean Raceway, do so entirely at their own risk. It is a condition of admission that all persons having a connection with the promotion and/or organisation and/or conduct of the meeting, including the owners of the land and the riders and owners of the vehicles, are absolved from all liability arising out of accidents causing damage or personal injury to spectators.